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It's a Salon Thing!

Full Service Hair Salon

E Spa  in Boca Raton is known for our  impeccable professional services. Raina  & Sharon our lead Therapists and owners of E SPA. They take the time with each client to ensure they recieve the best possible session.  whether you need a relaxing swedish, deep tissue  pressure or therapeutic body work  Raina is the certified professional for you. Sharon is a skin care specialist so if you need antiaging treatments,  collagen , organic facials, acne deep cleasing, microderm or peels call and book with Sharon. . Raina is a Certified Reiki Master and certified  in  Reiki massage with chakra balancing. If you need relief from depression, anxiety, set your appointment for a holistic spiritual self healing session.
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It’s a Salon Thing! is what we all want from a salon: individualized service with experienced stylists and quality products. Here at It’s a Salon Thing!, clients receive personal attention in a botique style salon nestled in a relaxing spa setting. Every visit is made special and tailored to your individual needs.  You and your hair are the priority and focus, with service that is delivered with confidence, integrity, and passion.  You will be given the BEST at It’s a Salon Thing! so that you always look and feel yours.
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Cheryl Balch
Radiant Skin of Boca

Danielle Lewis
Combat Gravity

 Specialist in Luxury Skin Care and Full Body Waxing 

Massage Specialist  in Core Myofacscial Therapy

Danielle is a licensed massage therapist,  personal trainer, esthetician and specializes in structural integration therapy. She is dedicated to relieving chronic pain by working intrinsic tissues and helping her clients gain more freedom of movement, more options of movement, less discomfort and less wear and tear with the greater efficiency of movement. 
"In relationship to gravity, most of us are wavering between collapse and over compensation. Together we will reeducate your body on how to effortlessly attain proper posture and improve overall anatomical function"
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14 yrs in Skin care, Cheryl customizes every facial to your skin type to ensure you look radiant and feel amazing. She offers  full body waxing which will give you the ultimate comfort knowing you have a knowledgeable professional in a clean environment that will give you a 5 star service. Book your appoinment today click below!
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Kera Cromer
Massage Catering

Natural Nails by Marisa

Massage Specialist 

Nail Technician 

Marisa is  a Florida Licensed nail specialist for over 20 years.  specializing  in all aspects of natural nails. Manicure's & pedicure's.  Book by clicking the link below!
Kera has special training in therapeutic work. She is able to provide her clients with a therapeutic touch, getting into the muscles as needed, but also giving the client a deep sense of relaxation at the same time.  Every clients’ bodies are different, therefore, she creates a special massage that is customized just for them.   Kera provides her clients with Swedish, Deep Tissue, Therapeutic work &  Hot Stone. Click below to book with Kera.
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Marzka Lashes

Rozy Christy
Dermis Advanced Electrolysis 
 Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation

Lash Extention Specialist 

Long, full lashes no longer have to be something you're born with. Are you tired of mascara and lash curlers? Want to enjoy having long, luxurious lashes each day? Eyelash extensions are a safe and convenient alternative to mascara. The semi-permanent lashes are individually adhered to your own lashes, creating a natural and comfortable feel. Lash extensions have now gone mainstream! Thats where Marzena comes in...Welcome to Marzka Lashes, Marzena provides the application of individual eyelash Extensions, mink and silk lashes are provided as well as refills and lifts. Click below to book an appointment today!

Certified Advanced Electolysis and Cryoderm Rejuvenation Specialist

Thinking about permanent hair removal? Rozy has the latest equipment for electolysis and is certified Cryderm specialist for removing skin tags, milia, warts, thread veins, or blood spots.  Rozy also has skin rejuvination for fat removal. Call for questions or set up an appointment today by clicking the button below. 
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Will Yerkes
LMT and Stretch Specialist

Raina Self

Permanent Makeup Specialist

Raina offers eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner and lips. Consultations are free and a 6-week follow-up is required at no additional cost. Additional application may be needed at the 6-week follow-up and is included in the initial price. 
 About Raina
 Permanent makeup Professional -
Bachelor of Science in Education from Western Kentucky University,
University of Florida Board Certified in Permanent Cosmetics
Florida Board Certified Licensed Massage Therapist
Member of the Academy of Micro Pigmentation
Reiki Master level Certification and certified hands on Reiki massage therapist extended training
Blood Bourne Pathogen Trained
Volunteers services yearly for the Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and host annual Breast Cancer Survivor Day at E SPA  
 "Stretching with a massage therapist can greatly improve your lifestyle. Combining massage with stretching can work wonders for anyone looking to reduce chronic pain, perform to their maximum capacity in their sport of choice, get a better night sleep, or just feel better on a day to day basis. By combining the ancient modalities of massage with stretch, anyone can acquire their best standard of living. Don’t believe me? I am offering a free 15 minute demonstration stretch with the purchase of a therapeutic massage!" Will Yerkes
· More mobility/flexibility
· Increased blood flow resulting in increased muscle hypertrophy
· Weight loss due to client participation
· Mental wellness
· Better sleep
· Pain reduction
· Increase in athletic performance overall
· Reduces stiffness from scar tissue formation
· Personal knowledge on how to take care of yourself (homework to take care of yourself between sessions)
· Fixes muscle imbalances that result in poor posture
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